Antique Chinese Screen

A Very Dramatic and Large Antique Chinese Red Lacquer Screen Depicting The Emperor and Empress at their Summer Home with Jade, Hardstone and Other Carved Minerals


Designed with a total of four side-panels flanking a larger center panel, with two on each side, all raised upon an angular base and surrounded by gilt scrollwork carving on each side; the top being surmounted by a long scroll-form arched panel with gilt border atop the center panel terminating with smaller arched panel on each end. The Screen is decorated throughout with jade and hardstones, and with jade and hardstone flowering vines across the scroll-form arched top panels.

The larger center panel is decorated with a beautiful Pagoda style residence surrounded by bridges, lakes, gardens, pine trees, a deer and several cranes. Many of the court figures of men and women are depicted in a large variety of activities such as playing games, boating, walking around the compound atop bridges and walkways, conversing and sitting at the lakes edge. All these decorations are executed using a large variety of jades as evidenced by their varying colours and an assortment of hardstones to create a magnificent work of art.

The Center Panel is flanked by twenty-two panels of objects carved in jade and hardstone with other panels carved in relief form and gilt decorated depicting court activities and life.

The Base is in three sections painted with gilt decorations and with relief carved figures in varying forms of entertainment.

The top-left of the Center Panel has harstone carved calligraphy characters which best translate as, “Depicting the Emperor and Empress at their Summer Retreat.”

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