Art Deco Table

An Octagonal-Shaped Art Deco Table Attributed to the French Master Craftsman, Maurice Dufrêne (1876–1955).


The Table is masterfully crafted with various wood inlays of Macassar Ebony, Mahogany, Palisander, Fruitwood, Calamander, and Burled Elm; the table features four vertical legs terminating with tapered-shaped silver-painted wood feet.


About Dufréne: He was born in Paris to a father in the wholesale commodities business. In 1888, he left his philosophy course at the École Communal and switched to École des Arts Decoratifs. After this he joined a modern print house, where he was introduced to Julius Meier-Graefe, who offered him employment in 1899 in the studio of his Maison Moderne. There he joined the ranks of of such august designers as Henry van de Velde, Victor Horta, Charles Plumet and Tony Selmershein. Dufréne surged to the forefront of the modern design movement, in 1904 becoming a founding member of the Societé des Artists Décorateurs, through which he exhibited for thirty years. Nobody made the stylistic transistion between the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods more gracefully or with greater versatility. Dufréne taught composition at the École Boulle from 1912 to 1922, and in 1919 he returned to the Salons as an independent decorator of La Matrisé. In the 1930’s his earlier predilection for woods yielded gradually to metal and glass. He died in Nogen-sur-Marne in 1955.



Dimensions:  Height: 30”; Octagonal Width: 30”



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Circa:  Art Deco Period (1920’s) 20th Century





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